Battery-powerd Hydraulic Straightener KTR-3 ACNL

  • electro-hydraulic wire straightener with battery drive, for straightening wire when working from coil
  • for straightening wire samples in the test laboratory
  • very handy and easy to use
  • very fast and flexible
  • straightening head rotatable
  • very robust straightening head
  • for wire and bar material up to max. Ø 32 mm
  • rocker switch for easy forward and backward feed.

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Product information "Battery-powerd Hydraulic Straightener KTR-3 ACNL"

Product number: CE296
Directional power max. Ø: 32 mm
Directional power min. Ø: 20 mm
Material strength max. Ø: 700 N/mm²
Operating pressure: 300 bar
Pressing force: 11 t
Tension: 18 V
Weight (kg) 15 kg
Length (mm) 574 mm
Width (mm) 259 mm
Height (mm) 342 mm