Electro-hydraulic Battery Powered Steel Cutter OS-16 ACBL

Particularly quick cuts, handy and strong design. The new electro-hydraulic steel cutter with extra-fast cutting capacity. Equipped with the latest brushless 18 volt motor and lithium-ion battery. cutter head can be rotated 360 °.
  • safe and spark-free cutting
  • brushless 18 volt motor - runs cooler and more efficiently for a longer service life of the motor and the battery
  • no need to replace the carbon brushes
  • fast and single cutting
  • four-edged exchangeable blade – economical
  • cutter head rotable for a optimal cutting position
  • adjustable stop
  • ergonomic and rubberized pistol grip for safe and comfortable working

Price on request

Particularly quick cuts - High battery performance: approx. 2.8 seconds/cut 225 cuts with 16 mm Ø

Product information "Electro-hydraulic Battery Powered Steel Cutter OS-16 ACBL"

Model OS16 ACBL
Product number: CE446
Cutting capacity max. Ø: 16 mm
Cutting force: 8,0 t
Cutting speed: 2,8 s
Tension: 18 V
Weight (kg) 6.9 kg
Length (mm) 360 mm
Width (mm) 108 mm
Height (mm) 276 mm
Lithium-Ionen-Akku 18 V / 5,0 Ah mit LED-Füllstandsanzeige; Schnell-Ladegerät (Ladezeit 5,0 Ah Akku: ca. 45 Min.);Transportkoffer, Hydrauliköl, Inbusschlüssel-Set (4 x),
Maulschlüssel 17 – 14"