KRENN installed newest generation material testing press

KRENN installed newest generation material testing press at the ArcelorMittal plant in Sosnowiec (PL)

In November 2019, we made it: after intensive planning, engineering and assembly as well as an extensive test phase at KRENN, we put into operation our latest testing press Z160/Z315 at ArcelorMittal in Sosnowiec on time and without any deviations. As part of a huge modernization project carried out in the wire rod mill in Sosnowiec, KRENN had been assigned to deliver a testing machine for in-line quality control of wire rod in accordance with DIN EN 10263-1.

During the first phase of testing process, the press cuts wire samples to the required length (cross-sectional surface area after cutting is even and smooth). Then, in the second phase, the sample is subject to upsetting to one third of its original height. Naturally, the machine allows to perform cutting and upsetting of test samples at the same time.
Changing the format takes just a few seconds - only the blade holder has to be changed (for each dimension, we offer a suitable set of blades). Then, it is necessary to select the appropriate program. With our specially developed software, it is possible to choose pre-defined recipes with just one touch and continue the testing process without any unnecessary delays.
In order to reduce negative impact of strong ambient temperature fluctuations, the hydraulic power pack is equipped with an oil heater and cooler, while the control cabinet - with an air conditioning unit. These systems become active when the temperature exceeds or drops below the pre-defined values.
The modified height measurement system allows to achieve the highest precision during upsetting tests and guarantees a fully repeatable quality assurance to enable our customers to quickly address any irregularity in the rolling process.
We design our testing systems strictly in accordance with the customer’s requirements. We also provide assembly services on site and conduct trainings for users.
KRENN is an owner-managed family business based in Neusäß near Augsburg (Germany). We have been operating in the wire processing industry for 70 years. We specialise mostly in engineering, manufacturing and sales of manual, pneumatic and (electro-)hydraulic steel cutters and material testing presses for upset testing of wire samples. Our service portfolio also includes wire straightening and bending equipment as well as solutions tailored specifically to customers’ needs.
We are happy to be at our disposal for all tasks concerning cutting, bending, straightening and upset testing of wire. You can reach us by phone: +49 821 20793-0, or e-mail: